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Ordinary human being trying to achieve extraordinary while keeping feet on ground. Over here, i will blog about powerful inspiration quotes, talk about life, sharing irresistable good foods and my personal music covers here.

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4 Years Of No Stable Job And The Struggle May Continue

I'm born in 1994 which made me a part of the Millennials or Gen Y, i had jumped from job to job due to contract nature and i'm not sure how many out there are going through the same ordeal as me...

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YP's Music Corner

Music is not just for your ears to hear, it allows your body and soul to relax and heal. So in this section, i will be doing covers with my guitar, sometimes keyboard, with singing.

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Let's Listen
Did Your Stomach Just Perform A Metal Scream?

YP's Eat & Drink Corner

Exploring and blogging on delicious food and beverages within Singapore

Let's Crave
The words here are indeed very powerful and impactful

Motivation & Positivity

Over here i will share meaningful motivation quotes and interesting personal life experiences with you in the hopes of bringing light to anyone who came across here

Stay Positive!
Life is simple but there's so much to ponder

Let's Talk & Share With YP

´╗┐Here I would like to write about general topics on life, sharing my knowledge with you and hopefully you share back as well or if not, just enjoy your time here is alright

Let's Talk & Share

Featuring Astronomy From My Unique Lens

Deep Space Images

Maybe one day, our egos will inflate the Earth so much that it becomes green and big. Our twin Venus will look like our little sister instead.