How I Overcame My Video Gaming Addiction

Video gaming can be very stress-relieving and exhilarating but when overconsumed, it can lead to a downward spiral in your life. I was addicted for a long eleven years ever since i had my first video game console which was gameboy advance sp (I'm a 90's kid, so the Gen Zs will know this). Eleven years of gaming is super long and honestly speaking, my youth is gone in a blink of an eye, truly regrettable experience but i believe this is what i need to go through in order to learn some valuable life lessons and to become who i am today.

The purpose of this post is to show you how detailed i am in making sure that i quit the video gaming addiction for good so i will cut my long background story short so here it goes. From playing pokemon in gameboy during my childhood days to making friends who spent a lot of time gaming too, xbox games, dota, mmorpg games and me becoming too engrossed in these virtual reality to the point that i lost grip to the real world. All these led to me becoming withdrawn from people, awkward in communications, lack of directions in life and becoming a loose bomb where i'm unable to control my emotions properly. It was only through the passing of my grandma, my very very poor graduation result and the near death incident woke me up and i felt this was a very stern warning from the heavens to remind me to change my ways or i will regret for life.

So my life before i totally overcome my video gaming addiction

  • Play from 4-7 hours per day whenever possible
  • Burned midnight oil everyday
  • Rarely engage in social activities outside of gaming
  • The only social activity was gaming with my gaming buddies
  • No other friends
  • Weekends or holidays are burned from playing games and watching youtube
  • Exercise once a month
  • Late breakfast, late lunch and late dinner, my eating routine was screw up, the only saving grace was i don't eat junk food
  • Bad temper
  • Lack of emotions control
  • Fall sick easily
  • Skin breakouts

These were the things i did to ensure i start to change for the better and also making sure i will stick to it no matter how tough it was.

  • Uninstall all my video games, delete my steam account, delete my origin account, delete my blizzard account, and destroy any evidence of those account credentials so i will never login again
  • I put a wallpaper note on my phone to remind me not to play any mobile games
  • I set alarm every day to get me sleep early and wake up early
  • I make it a point to exercise every weekend when i was not working
  • I disengage with my gaming buddies and never talk to them since
  • I started sourcing for outdoor social activities like volunteering or taking up hobby classes
  • Started a new passion in music which includes singing, guitar and keyboard, in which i will spent time honing skills on these areas
  • Learn to cook and as regularly as possible
  • I manage my eating routine carefully and also my diet too
  • I meditate everyday, day and night for about 15 minutes per session
  • Find a proper job and try my best to learn as much as possible

After 2 to 3 years of detox, i finally feel like a free man, no longer bound by completing quests or obtaining super rare items for video games. The rules i set for myself work wonders because i discipline myself to push through and also because whenever i feel like breaking down, i quickly thought the vision of me being successful and healthy in life, then i will snap out of going back to old days and continue work hard.

Now after 4 years since the start of my great detox of video gaming, do i still play even a single video game anymore? I had one call of duty black ops and horizon zero dawn but they were the least priority in my life, would only play if i truly have free time, and my playing hours would limit to 2 hours and that's it, then after which i will do my stuff, maybe after another 2 weeks or a month or few months then i come back play awhile.

Those few years of no games at all was necessary to break the addiction but after that i needed to live life normally with a clean and open-mindset, so after these 4 years i told myself that i cannot just say i will completely void out video games in the future just because i'm afraid of going back to old days which was akin to not facing my fear. I trust myself that i can discipline myself and having prioritize so much stuff to improve my life, i am no longer bound by video games and it's no longer part of my life, i will only treat it as a once in a blue moon candy treat.

For those who are struggling with video games addiction, i really hope this could help you in some way so good luck, all the best!

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