Is It Time To Quit Social Media And Detox Yourself?

"Did someone like my post?"

"Did anyone like my post or not?"

"How many people like my post?"

"Is there any comments on my posts?"

"Let's scroll for more interesting contents, give some likes and comments, and hopefully will catch more people's attention."

"Ha! People scolding each other off in Facebook, let's sit back and enjoy the contents."

Social media, when put to good use, can really help an individual a lot such as using Linkedin to secure jobs, using Facebook or Instagram to promote businesses, or using Youtube to showcase your arts and video works, etc. However, when misused or overused, it will affect your life as a whole, so if you start to exhibit these few points regularly (which i will elaborate later), then i really recommend you taking a step back by quitting all social media, calm yourself down and re-access your real purpose of using social media.

Chasing After Perfection Dangerously

It is good to improve and hone your skills continuously in whichever field(s) you like or into, it is always good to set some standards and goals for yourself to meet, even taking other people's style as reference is also healthy but what exactly is crossing this line?

You start to compare yourself with others more excessively

A healthy referencing from other people's style only take a small amount of comparing but excessive comparing will lead to:

  • Having negative thoughts which you thought you might be better than the people you are comparing with.
  • Developed jealousy towards people who are way better than you when you can't outmatch them in your current best abilities.
  • You start to pass judgemental/rude remarks on either social media or during conversations with your friends about the people you are comparing with.
  • Thinking of yourself being inferior to others.
  • Thinking of yourself being superior than others.
  • You are constantly worried about how many likes and comments people gave to your posts compared to other people who post similar stuffs as you.

The meaning of your life and work is all about perfection

The food you eat, the things that you are doing, the music you listen to, the people you hang out with and the things you do with them, your family life, your dreams, your work, your society status, your wealth, the bed you sleep, the bathroom you use, the underwear you wear must be perfect and praise-worthy in your social media account(s).

I personally think that life will be too stressful for this scenario when posting picture-perfect or content-perfect has taken over you and your life as a whole, unless you are an influencer or aspiring to be, but that also can be very stressful. Even worse, when you decide to show your flaws, it has to be carefully doctored or tailored so that people will still like you. That's too stressful, soon enough, you will lose the initial passion and fun that you had always enjoy about yourself and the things you love to do and the people you love to be with.

Wasting Time Unnecessarily

Time is really precious, it only moves forward and does not stop, it is one of the most important resource you need in your life to fulfill your dreams, make meaningful connections and expand your scope of knowledge, so how meaningful your life be will heavily depend on how you manage your time. However, when social media is distracting you from own course of life and you find it really hard to stay focus in the present, then you might really need to quit for a period of time or even lifetime.

If you find yourself in the following situations, most likely you had wasted your own precious time.

  • You had projects with multiple deadlines to meet but you find yourself checking social media as and when you are taking a break or before working on your projects, once you are in social media, you lost track of time and therefore, your projects' completion are being delayed.
  • You set yourself a schedule to watch tutorial videos to pick up new skills but you ended up scrolling for other fun stuffs, lost track of time again and wasted your precious time where you could learn something valuable.
  • You want to early tonight but you decide to check your social media accounts one last time before you hit the bed but little do you know that you lost track of time again and ended up sleeping past midnight and woke up the next day feeling exhausted.
  • You could have a meaningful conversation with your friends/family/date over a meal but you chose to check your phone numerous times on your social media statuses and other interesting posts, not paying full attention to the person you are dining with.
  • You find yourself spending more time engaging in war of words with other people whom you do not know at all in the social media.

Additional Points To Take Note

On top of the above points mentioned, there are a few more red flags where you really need to quit social media for good.

  • You are being cyberbullied.
  • You are cyberbullying others.
  • Commited cyber crimes or break law through social media platforms.

The above three points are the last things i hope to hear from you for the reasons of quitting social media. Please be kind and considerate human beings and if you are a victim of cyberbullying, just uninstall all social apps, don't even need to consider because you deserve a fresh breath of air in your surroundings.


It is absolutely a real thing that social media can turn your world upside down, it will make sure you turn to social media when you are bored, feed your ego when it is hungry, or when your confidence is low and you need to do something in your phone to hide into, it's like a drug which can take control of your whole life. Don't let it control you in a negatively way but if so, take serious consideration in quitting or take a break from social media, go do the things you love to do and don't be distracted, connect with people without external distractions and you will find a newfound you again, fresh, passionate and ever-present in life.

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