Life Advice From A Poor And Less Than Average Looking Singaporean Guy

As the title says, i'm that poor and less than average looking guy in Singapore and this post is dedicated to people who are some sort of in the same boat as me. I belong to Singapore's lower class in terms of financial capability, so my words may help people who are somewhat in similar boat as me but for extreme poverty, i can't really help in the best possible ways but sincerely hope my post will inspire you.

What exactly constitute a person to be financially poor in Singapore? Singapore is a very rich country but i'm talking about people in the lower class and the extreme poverty so let me list down.

  • The average monthly gross salary Singaporean take home is around $4,600 as of 2021, so if your salary is anywhere 50% of that figure or below, you will be considered living in a financially-challenged environment.
  • Your current savings, including your CPF, only allow you to buy a 3-room HDB flat and/or below while taking the maximum duration allowed for paying installments, or worse case will be couldn't afford at all.
  • Buying a car maybe an option for middle class and above but for you, buying is not even close to an option.
  • You can't really afford much or any trips to medium or high end restaurants, maybe 2 to 3 times per month, once per 3 months or once a year, or none.
  • Your salary - CPF - monthly utility bills - daily necessitities - transport - meals - allowance to any family member in need = $500 or less remaining
  • The remaining money you saved per month will probably take you around 200 years to reach 7-figure. Not joking, you can try calculate if you are only able to save $500 per month, you really need those many years to reach 7-figure. If you only able to save $50 per month, you will need 2000 years to reach 7-figure.
  • You or your family as a whole cannot afford to put you far through formal education or couldn't afford at all.
  • People from middle or higher class have the option to choose when to buy luxuries which also include clothings and accessories but your only option is to save painstalkingly in order to buy 1 luxury item and your next luxury item may take many months or years in order to buy it.

Financially struggling and coupled with your less than average physical looks is pretty demoralizing, even if you are confident in your skin, you can't deny that looks can really affect people's life to quite a significant extent. However, i'm not here crush your soul, instead, i want to give you my personal tips to stand tall and proud, make huge positive changes to your life, help you motivate yourself and make better decisions in life when you are poor and less than average looking.

Stop Pitying Yourself And Don't Resign To Fate

Some people are born ahead and better than others, some people lag behind, some born with abundunce of good luck while you eat bad luck for breakfast but whatever situations that caused you lacking in financial capability, do something to improve it, whatever face you are born, just be yourself, and if you are out of shape, go exercise and keep in shape.

I've seen people in bad living conditions and slog through their lives, resigning to fate without giving themselves as many chances as possible to think of a way to improve their lives. Some people think they lack education but there are other ways to prosper without big formal education certificates, some just continue work at the same low-paying job over the years and hoping one day striking lottery to retire. Some may also think they have criminal past and before any other people look down on them, they already look down in themselves first, but this is not how it suppose to be because everyone has a right to pursue a good, humble and comfortable life.

Looks don't last forever, money and happiness don't drop from the sky, don't depend on looks and luck, go out there be kind, compassionate, diligent and hardworking, and then create your own luck. Do not engage in self-saboutage by chanting those negative comments about yourself, change that mantra to something positive, then you are off to a great start.

List Down All The Things You Want To Do And Wish To Achieve

Even though you may lack financial strength and out-of-the-world beauty, you still have a lot of ideas generate inside your brain buried deep inside and all you have to do is to dig out and write it all down.

All achievements starts from ideas, so if you want to change your life, dig out or brainstorm any ideas you want for you and your life or for someone else if you already have responsibilities. The difference between one idea and no idea is a whole lot of difference, so please write it down somewhere first.

Plan Your Freetime Schedule And Stick To It

After you had list down all the things you want to do, you need to sort them out like:

  • Things i can definitely do right now
  • Things i can do after some adjustments in life
  • Things that need to backlog until going through certain stage(s) of life
  • Things that is definitely out of reach

Now things are getting easier to plan right? So anything outside your work, family commitments and the 7-hour sleep are your freetime. Personally, i had planned out all my freetime of what to do, 7 days in a week and every week but don't worry, i do plan my downtime in between to relax. I only have a small amount of time each day plus luxurious time in weekends so i need to make full use of it, working extra hard because i want to live better.

Schedules done so what's next? Discipline yourself and stick to it!

Plan & Manage Your Own Finances

As you begin to build your life upwards, going into "work in progress" mode, one important to take note to prevent yourself spiralling out of control again is managing your money.

Those who only worry about bills, necessities and providing a small income to your family member(s), i highly recommend divide your income into these proportions for those whose salary falls between $1,300 and $2,300.

  • 50% fixed savings
  • 40% personal spending, bills, daily necessaties and providing small income to family member(s)
  • 10% extra savings

The 50% fixed savings represents your investment opportunities, save up for big rainy days, house and maybe someday you want to start your own business. 40% of your income should be the only amount you will be spending and the last 10% is your extra savings which you will use first when it's urgent before touching any of that 50% fixed savings.

However, i know there are people in more extreme conditions so please take my advice on how to divide your income as reference but the structure is around the same, dedicate more percentage to saving.

When Comes To Romantic Relationship, Find Someone Around Same Level As You

What do i mean same level as you is in terms of education level, earning power or financial status and emotional level. Regardless of which century you are born in, differences between ideology, the way people live and what they believe in will lead to conflicts, likewise for a relationship between you and your partner.

For ordinary folks, differences in education level also equals to difference in earning power and the thought process overall. In Singapore, there are a big significant of people who are university graduates and in reality, that earning power difference between university grad and anyone in trade school (Polytechnic/ITE) or lower is quite significant which is at least 1.5 times higher than the former. The difference will have huge impact on how finances will be managed and the lifestyle both of you are going to live through.

Sadly for guys, even if your lady do not mind your lesser earning capability, the typical asian family of hers will definitely show some resistance in your relationship because they will think you will not be able to give their daughter a good life.

Try not to be too picky on the looks or go for someone who is very good-looking and attractive or someone who shares astronomical diiference with you in terms of looks. The lifestyle and the life between what a very attractive looking individual and less than average looking person is vastly different, both of you will more likely have huge lifestyle clash.

Lastly, the important aspect on a healthy balance relationship, besides that magical reaction and sparks between both of you, emotional level is also very important. In short, i would say both of you best have around the same maturity from the inside. For example, if you are serious in a relationship and want to progress to have a family, you can't be dating someone who is a prince or princess who is so hard to maintain that it would drain you mentally and financially.

Always Be Happy, Kind And Helpful

No matter how poor financially or less than average looking you are, remember a kind and happy soul, and willingness to give represent your generosity, the positivity in you and how rich you are from the inside.

Do not resort to unscruptous method or betray yourself to gain fame and material wealth or to gain any advantages and benefits. Those kinds of actions results in huge repercussions and regrets that even giving you a lifetime of fortune won't resolve any of those issues.

So remember always try your best to stay happy, be kind and helpful so you can live a richer life rather than chasing material wealth.

Stay Healthy

What is wealth when there is no health? Always plan time to exercise and relax your mind so that your physical and mental health will be in best condition everyday.

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