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Quote of the day (4 Nov 2021) - Luck

November 04, 2021
Yes, it is true to a certain extent that hard work, courageous and luck comes along to aid in success but it is also true that some, no matter how hard they work, how brave they are when facing dif...
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Quote of the day (13 Oct 2021) - Goal

October 13, 2021
We are only given this lifetime only to accomplish as much things as we want but if you are going procrastinate or evade facing reality or not being who you really are, then upon reaching your end ...
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Quote of the day (6 Oct 2021) - Anger

October 06, 2021
My anger led me to decide to use hurtful words, therefore, i hurt people emotionally, i lost valuable and possible friendships, i had no one to turn to when i needed help.
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Quote of the day (1 Sep 2021) - Forgive

September 01, 2021
Forgiveness is just one word, you will take less than 30 seconds to spell finish but to do it, some may take 30 years to fully understand what is forgiveness and how to forgive. It's a very easy wo...
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Quote of the day (4 Aug 2021) - Art

August 04, 2021
Our unique character, our unique words, actions and flaws paint a very unique art of our own life, and no one can have the exact same artpiece as you so there is no need of an eraser or timestone o...
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