Quote of the day (13 Oct 2021) - Goal

The rudder of a ship helps propel and manoeuver it to its destination which it has set course on, without it, the ship will just float at standstill or drift to wherever the waves push it.

I never truly believe that anyone, over the course of their lifetime, had never thought or act on at least a goal before but rather, i theorized that people may have gave up on achieving his/her goal after unsucessful attempts or lack confidence and discipline to push through or even to start it, that is why a person may end up with no goal in his/her current state of life.

While it may not be wrong to live a very simple life with basic needs meet and just follow the flow, follow whatever the society norm states to do. However, this definition of simple life is very auto-pilot, very survival way of life and pretty soulless. You just make sure you get a degree, get a job, get your stomach filled, your bills are paid, start a family, earn money to support your parents, children and wife, retire at an old age where you have the money but no energy to spend for a few years or decades, then time's up. I had another theory on living a simple life but with dreams and aspirations, so here it goes:

  • When you are young, start pursuing your interests immediately when you found one, try your best and give it a shot
  • Stay clear or slowly move away from friends or people who doesn't have any goal and leeches away your positive energy
  • You may have many goals throughout your lifetime, know clearly that you won't succeed all but will at least one
  • Engage in healthy lifestyle and healthy relationship with like-minded people
  • Have a job that pays your bills and let you save but does not take out your entire time
  • Discipline yourself and persevere with the goals you had set

This is my definition of a simple life, with meaning and with directions in life. Stay away from gossips, unhealthy relationships as much as possible and dedicate more time and effort in finding your life goals, and actually putting actions in it so that your life can be peaceful and busy at the same time.

Maybe you have too many things you want to achieve in life but you can't pick which to start with and you are not sure whether the goals that you pick for yourself will eventually bear the fruit of success, so you became stuck and unable to set a goal. I may have a way to making life easier for you to start setting goals for yourself.

  1. Write down 5 things you ever wanted to do or accomplish since young until the point you read this post, in 5 small pieces of paper.
  2. Now crush each individual piece of paper into near circular shape and put them into empty cup.
  3. Shake the cup thoroughly with your palm covering the opening to prevent spillage.
  4. Pour out the crushed papers out, then picked 2 at random.
  5. Look at the 2 goals you had picked at random, now i want you to take 2 pieces of blank paper or a notebook.
  6. Write down the 2 different goals on a separate page and for each goal, i want you to write down all the steps you think is required to achieve it, plus, write down the duration you required for each step to reach your goal.
  7. Get busy and follow your schedule routinely.

You may wonder if 2 goals is really enough, i can assure you that if you are just starting out to set goals for your life or you are restarting your life with new goals, no matter how big or small the goals are, they are going to take out a significant amount of time, they will make your life busier but with meanings to you.

Do not be disheartened when at some point you did not achieved your goals within your desired set of conditions or you gave up halfway, keep on trying and keep on disciplining yourself and eventually, you will succeed in one of those goals one day. After achieving few goals of yours, do not stop there, set new goals and scale new heights!

We are only given this lifetime only to accomplish as much things as we want but if you are going procrastinate or evade facing reality or not being who you really are, then upon reaching your end of time, there is really nothing much you can do about your goals and dreams.

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