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Your physical health represents your outside health where any issues can be easily trace and spot with naked eyes or with proper medical equipments. Whereas, your mental health represents your inside health where most of the time, only you yourself can feel and know what is going on. Although they are both different entities of you but they are inter-connected which will make or break your overall health.

Although i am no expert in either physical or mental health but i had some personal experiences which i could share with you and i hope it shed some light into the importance of taking good care of both physical and mental health.

In my younger days, from early teenage to young adult period, i went through quite a rough ride and what made matters worse is that i had no friends and lack family support in the emotional side. These were the following mental/emotional distress i had then:

  • Paranoid over a lot of small matters
  • Always throw tantrum when triggered over the slightest of things, especially at home
  • Frequently cry in the middle of the night, thinking how useless i was when comparing with other people and asking myself why i had no friends
  • Often thinking of nobody sending off when finally leaving this world and proceed with crying in the middle of the night
  • Thinking of how to hurt back at people who irritated me or had done something bad to me
  • Heavy usage of porn
  • Addicted to gaming
  • I wasn't happy with myself and my life all the time
  • My mind was always noisy, unable to remain a second of calm and peace

Up till this point of writing, i'm actually quite relief that i pen it down somewhere because i don't really open up to my friends and when i told my parents part of the above, they wouldn't believe and continue blamed me. So i really want to thank this rare opportunity to write it down, share the dark side of my past which may or may not relate to you and finally get the burden out of my heart. With all the above distress i had in my early years, i also had the following physical distress:

  • Ulcers pop by every week or two weeks
  • Stomachache often
  • Succumb to common illness such as sore throat, flu, fever around twice a month
  • Could not sleep properly every night, can toss and turn a few hours or whole night
  • Hair fall rapidly
  • Skin breakouts easily and often
  • Had a terrible episode of vertigo everyday, lasting over eight months

It wasn't beautifully spelt out but life is not perfect for anyone, i am just an example of a typical joe whose outside seems a little out of shape but deep inside is deep broken with no one else knowing. There was a twist of events in my life that i began eradicating almost every bit of me from my past, i won't disclose those events now as it will be quite out of topic but i will find chance to share when time is right.

So the present me has changed a lot to the point that i thought i had gone through a soul exchange. These were all the things i did right now for the sake of my mental and physical health but most of the work start from the inside.

  • I started practicing more on forgiving, tolerating and be more understanding to people and myself
  • I started meditating which allows me to fully face my inner voices and control how i handle those noises
  • I always try my best to control my emotions whenever i feel that my buttons are pressed, i will try to allow the negative feelings to flow and slowly fade out (don't worry if mini tantrum or minor temper happens, try again and do better)
  • Make an effort to always use kind words, ditching the use of harsh unforgiving words
  • Make an effort to sleep early and wake up early everyday
  • Make an effort to exercise daily
  • Eat at regular times consistently
  • Be more active in finding social activities
  • Be more proactive in socializing and mixing with groups of positive and less toxic people
  • Letting go of toxic relationships
  • Constantly remind myself all the above like a mantra till i can do most naturally

After around eight years since i started my recovery journey, i could feel lighter in my mind and heart, and most importantly, my physical health and immune system gain a huge significant boost. My mental health has improved a lot as i can sleep well every night, last anger eruption seemed like a million years ago, i can finally accept those noises within me and let it flow which gave me a more calm and quiet mind, and finally, i became more happier. All the physical distress i mentioned earlier had all been greatly reduced and some even disappeared completely.

In my personal opinion, both physical and mental health relate with each other quite a lot, neglecting one will affect the other, boosting one will also boost the other. It is best to work hard in improving both areas but i am in more favour of doing more work first on my mental and emotional health.

Through my recovery journey, i realized i was very unhappy and unmotivated in life so i started with meditating, practicing emotions control, use kind words, letting go of toxic relationships and sleep early. I free up my mind first and after some time, i became more motivated in life and start to bring in physical aspects into my life which includes regular exercises, a more balanced diet at regular times. After improving both the mental and physical health, i found even more motivation to improve the social aspects of my life like improving my conversation skills, get into more meaningful social activities and make more new friends. All these makes up a very positive cycle which keeps you strong, healthy and happy.

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