Quote of the day (15 July 2021) - Quiet Your Mind

When you start to think negatively about things in life, work or relationships, you can feel that you are slowly sinking deep into bottomless hole of negativity.

You will start to feel all the negative emotions and then you carry out those regretable actions and after the deed is done, you feel extreme remorse and the cycle repeats.

Funny little thoughts run wild and were not controlled led to unfortunate consequences.

A little backstory of mine is that i used to think too much, a lot of small little actions i will think into big consequences and i had to flip flop in bed for many hours before i go to sleep. Even though i had my weekends to myself, alone at home, my mind was always busy thinking stuffs. I think of my past actions, other people's past actions and sometimes i even draw to conclusions that someone don't like me or want to harm me, and because of those wild thoughts, i became more withdrawn to people and relationships. However, i became more miserable after i withdrawn from people as i crave to have more positive relationships which contradicts my actions and i let my thoughts gone wild to imagine all these people are bad.

Then came a miracle and i underwent 360 degree change, all my past personalities is almost eradicated and now i practice mindfulness which is self-discipline of my own mind. After 8 years of that miracle event, now i can meditate in peace twice per day, after wake up and before sleep, able to face most of my emotions and thoughts and let it flow out just like a gust of wind, able to control most of my thoughts regardless i am outside with people or alone. I realize after disciplinjng my mind, i can focus on being myself, more attentive and quick-witted, able to be more compassionate and enjoy the little things in life which lead to me making more great decisions in my life and experience inner peace. All that miserable past me is all in the past.

Build the habit to control your thoughts, your emotions and actions. Sit in a quiet environment and meditate if you need, focus on your breathing. Build up a positive mantra in your head so when negativity comes, use it to overcome or speak louder than those negative voices within. With that, i wish everyone to heal from their own inner suffering and may peace be with you.

Stay healthy and happy people!!!😆😆😆

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