Quote of the day (16 Mar 2021) - Love

Self love is learning how to treat yourself better and also helps you tide over difficult periods in your life. So start loving yourself.

There will be criticisms, hurts and failures during the course of your life journey. You may end up hurting yourself because of all the undesired stuffs that is happening to you like the following examples:

  • Since young, your parents have been telling you that you have no talent in the things that you like to do and strongly recommend you to follow the norm. Those negative words became deep rooted in your mind and soon it became your voice. Your burning passion withered away, whenever you want to try something new, that evil voice tells you are no talent. With no real passion or hobby, you indulge in negative activities like excessive binging on TV shows, excessive gaming, unable to control your emotions, watching pornography to escape reality.
  • You had just entered a brand new relationship but your partner treat you very poor shortly after, criticize you that you are a bad romance partner in any way, ditching you for a more 'compatible' partner. You feel like you are not worth to enter relationship anymore because of your partner's antics. Soon, you reject any possibility of new relationship because of past trauma.
  • You had just started work in a new company, hoping to learn new things and meet great people. However, those expectations came crushing when you realize the environment is toxic, you are badly treated, colleagues and bosses threw work at you; hurl verbal attacks at you. You needed income and this company pays well so you stay and endure to hope for the best will come to you. You fear of leaving because your bosses threaten to blacklist you in the job market, your colleagues threaten to shame you on social media for being incompetent. Unable to take the mental stress, you began to break down, unable to control your emotions at home as you vent out, destroying all the precious relationship with your family, thinking of ending life as your mental health detoriate without seeking treatment.

The above 3 examples are all actions opposite of self-love on yourself. This is what you should do instead:

  • If anyone come to you and say that you have no talent in anything, you can say it back in his/her face that you have nothing to prove to him/her. Or probably just ignore and pretend that the person is talking about themself.
  • If your partner is abusive in the relationship, whatever reasons hold you back, just walk out and don't look back.
  • If your boss threatens you when you want to quit a very toxic job, just let him do and move on.

The journey of self love is very important to everyone, it's going to help you live more positively, building strong immune system to hurtful words and actions, and enable you to achieve things that you never thought you would have. And besides, you are the only person on this entire planet who is going walk with you from birth till the end of your time, so love yourself more, start making choices that benefits your well-being without harming anyone and may the rainbow shine upon you!

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