Quote of the day (17 Nov 2021) - Being Good Out Of Fear?

Do we really need a reward system in order to do good? What if we take away the existence of karma, will people still do good out of pure kindness? What if the world's laws change totally, with doing good deeds will land you in jail and doing bad things will reap good rewards, will people still do good or be good despite the repercussions?

Looking at this quote, i started to have this lingering thought that when people extended their help, are they looking at accumulating good deeds so they can reaped good rewards in future, or are they looking for rewards once they are done helping, or are they genuinely offering their help out of kindness.

The very existence of the word "karma" do strike fear to many. Because if people know that karma does not exist, they can carry out their actions freely, regardless if those actions were based on their anger; fear; lust; hate; jealousy; greed and not afraid of any repercussions coming back at them.

Luckily, tales, stories and news of people doing bad things and suffered thereafter exists, people know that doing wrong does not reap good rewards, and instead many bad consequences will come their way, so it was in everyone's best interest to avoid wrongdoings. In addition, there are many news and stories which showcase people reaping good rewards after they had done good deeds, this may in turn lead to people going after the good rewards only by doing good deeds. And sorry for being straightforward but there is always a group of individuals who think like that when they are doing good, they may not admit but in their heart, there is a greed for reward for doing good.

I had seen quite a number of social media posts regarding people doing good but there were three main types of these good deed posts, the first of all kind is mainly showcasing an individual and/or with a group of people doing good deeds together, the second kind is promoting a platform or avenue where people can extend their help and the last is an individual's good deed captured by other unknowingly. Sometimes, you have to ask yourself, are genuinely hoping for more likes to your posts or are you sharing knowledge to people who they can help and how they can help. I am not passing my judgement on this so it will be something for you to ponder about.

However, i personally think that a system of punishment for wrongdoings and rewards for good deeds is still needed to put in place as we humans, are still a long way becoming a pure compassionate species as a whole but i still urge those who are kind and good out of genuine compassionate heart, those that will do good even without punishments and rewards systems, continue be your genuine good self as you are doing really great things for the people around you even though you had no recognitions and hope that the world will become a better place as you spread your kindness.

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