Quote of the day (3 June 2021) - Walk

Have you ever ask a snail where does its patience and motivation to live come from? Can you imagine whatever you do is like the speed of slow-crawling snail, will you still have the will to live on?

The snail persist on slowly moving towards its food when it is hungry and even with its slow speed, it never gives up until it reaches the food source. Every day, every meal, the snail has to bear with its hunger, press forward, while slowly crawling to the food source and that is a demonstration of extraordinary willpower to live and the snail knows that if it stop, it will cease to exist but if it take a slow step at a time, there will be a chance of reaching its goal and feed its hunger or thirst.

Like the snail, it set its target to reach the food or water source and will perservere through its slow speed and heavy shell to reach the target, even if it saw other animals or insects reaching the source faster than it does, as long as the water or food is still there, it will continue its journey no matter what.

Set your goals in life that you want to achieve, and then set the the pace that you are comfortable with to reach your goals. Along the way, there will be competition but fear not, as long as you know what you are doing and do not resort to immoral actions, you will reach and achieve big things in life.

And finally, don't make a u-turn before you had even tried or when in progress because you never know what good lies ahead for you.

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