Quote of the day (4 Nov 2021) - Luck

The first two sentences make it clear that luck favours the brave who put thoughts into actions and went through difficult times, so does that mean if i disciplined myself, brave through storms and put in tremendous effort i will have a lot of luck to assist me in my life success? Well, the answer is yes and no, let's hear me out okay?

I am not trying to discourage you by saying there is a "No" answer based on the quote above, but rather, i want to give honest opinions based on my perspective, a more realistic way to look at the word "luck" than to solely relying on luck itself. Now i will give brief description into the life of three different characters, each displaying varying levels of braveness and each has different set of luck.

Character 1

Jack was born in a middle-class family with two siblings and was in his mid-twenties now. He went through the "norm" path, from primary school all the way to graduating with a degree upon completing his university. Jack went on to secure a stable job at the same company he had interned at during his university days and manage to fetch a decent salary.

Drawing was his passion since young but had to gave up during college times in order to focus on study and since then, he really miss his old passion. Even during work, he would think about it but he wouldn't want to give up comfort and fear he would be outcast by his family and friends if he chose to go against the norm.

Then one day, he bumped into an old friend of his during his primary school days, that friend still remember Jack did exceptionally well in his drawings back then and wanted to him to try take part in an open category art competition he just found out, organized by local grassroot community and promptly sent him the website link to sign up. His heart suddenly ignited with passion and fire but he told his friend he will give a serious thought and offered a sincere thanks before leaving.

Little did he know that luck suddenly knock on his door, hinting him to reignite his old passion and start working on it. However, when he shared the news of attempting to take part in an art competition, his family members disapprove, stating that it may distract you and your work will be affected and perfecting drawing skills and work will take a lot of time whuch may affect his relationships with his girlfriend and close friends. He didn't want to disappoint them and promptly gave up on that idea and he is back to his usual routine life of following the norm.

Summary of Character 1

Would i say Jack is brave in chasing his dream or following his passion? I would rather say not as he quickly gave up on pursuing his passion when he was really lucky to have a chance presented to him out of nowhere. Most people who abandoned their dreams had almost zero chance of seeing it again after many years, let alone reigniting that spark. So basically, he did not do anything to make luck come to him but instead, his lack of courage let him lose what may be the most important first step in carving a path through his passion when luck presented him a huge gift.

Character 2

Sarah was the only child, coming from a relatively poor background, she endured tough times growing up, with parents struggling financially and she was treated harshly, often blamed Sarah by her parents for the pitiful plight of the family. She had little friends too as the environment she was brought up made her too tough and independent but luckily, she was able to seek some solace in the form of cooking, running and singing so she could put those unhappy thoughts behind.

Her cooking and singing were often criticized and discouraged from her parents, judging her that she will never make it in life. Even her two close and only friends offered no words of comfort everytime she pour her heart out and seek advice, they just simply tell her don't think too much before changing conversation topic abruptly to games and other late night places to hang out, and despite her friends didn't really treat her as a true friend but rather, as a companion for fun, she still hang out with them because they were her only friends and willing to accept her.

However, there was one night when one of her hangout with her friends gone wrong, they were happily dancing in a club when suddenly, one of the female patrons accidentally bumped into one of your friends and the next moment her friend was really angry and started a scuffle with that female patron. A few more girls joined in along with Sarah and her other friend and the fight end up bloody with Sarah lying on the floor with blood on her forehead. Luckily, it was more of superficial wound and Sarah was able to stand up quick after awhile but realizing her friends went missing. Worried, she called them and one of her friends said they had took a cab and went home to rest.

Devastated by her friends' action, she decided to reject all outings they have initiated and reminded herself that even now she had no friends but it was way better than mixing with the wrong group and waste her time and effort. Sarah began toughening herself up, dedicating all her time to herself, neglecting her parents' harsh attitude towards her and work real hard towards her goals.

After completing her diploma, she quickly secured a general administrative role in a government agency with little overtime, less stress and weekends free but the only drawback was the mediocre salary which she didn't mind as she has other plans for her goals. Every day and every week, Sarah will be honing her skills in either singing or cooking, after work during weekdays and stay at home during weekends. She even dedicate time every morning to exercise and some weekends to go out by herself to enjoy some fresh air. Despite many failures in her singing contests and several cooking competitions as well, she also endured harsh critics from members of public who witnessed her in those contests, even judges gave her no hope that her journey will be fruitful. Nonetheless, she ignored those senseless critics but take in those relevant and helpful criticisms, and continue persevere on her journey to achieve her goals.

Fast forward fifteen years later, Sarah became a head chef at a well-known restaurant and also became a well-known busker in the streets, performing with her guitar or keyboard while singing and she gotten chance to be featured in TV shows showcasing her talent in cooking, as well as her music talent on stage too. Keeping herself fit and toned in her mid-thirties due to her exercise routine from her younger days, she was also approached to do endorsements for products from various brands.

Summary of Character 2

Sarah's story is a near perfect example representing the quote i shared today, she was out of luck during her younger days but she braved through and endured another fifteen years before witnessing the fruition of her immense hardwork. She rejected her only friends whom had dumped her during a fight incident and never fear going solo in life until she find the right company. In nature, the sky will clear eventually after heavy downpour and just like Sarah, enduring fifteen years of journey to success, luck came during the later part of her adult life and she capitalized all of it, and next thing you see is her success in achieving the goals in her life.

Character 3

Tim was a middle-aged guy in his late thirties, he was single, took on odd jobs and still living with his parents. He came from a middle-class family with three other siblings, with him coming second eldest among them. He loved to act since young and his parents were not very supportive of his passion, often neglect his needs unless he listened to their advice of going through the tried-and-tested path of securing a degree and a decent job.

Not willing to let go of his passion, Tim secretly joined the drama club as his co-curricular activity throughout his studying days, and lied to his parents that he was in infocomm media club to prevent them nagging at him. Although netting some decent roles for some projects, representing his schools, he never really shone and caught the attention of the schools to be nurtured for mainstream media throughout all phases of his study life.

Upon graduating with a chemical engineering degree, he went on to secure a chemical engineer role in the chemical industry and he was relieved because his parents will not nagged at him since theoretically, he never go against their wishes. He had little friends as well due to his full commitment to his passions but luckily, those few close friends were very supportive and even helped him to seek connections so that he can eventually appeared in mainstream media.

While working at his regular job as a chemical engineer, he also secured a role as a background actor in the mainstream media, making him more busy during weekday nights and weekends. Then he began to take on more acting gigs and soon, his parents found out what he was secretly doing behind their backs when they saw him appeared in one of the TV shows. Furious, his parents refuses to talk to him anymore unless he extinguish all attempts of pursuing that side hobby of his, prompting him to fully focus on his chemical engineer role so he could progress through the ranks and score great work performances.

After a few years in the corporate environment, he quit his job as his acting career was starting to take hold. Moving on from background actor, he netted some crucial roles in several projects, although not the main lead yet, he was positive that those roles were a great start. His parents still refuses to talk to him while his friends continue to support him.

Fast forward ten years later, Tim was still stuck at minor roles, unable to achieve his goal of securing a lead role, unable to secure any accolades for his acting. His friends no longer support him as they had gave up advising Tim to find a more stable job to have more financial capability to support future family while maintaining acting gigs as he was not progressing any further in his passion after many years. While his friends had moved on with their lives, Tim was still persistent that one day he will succeed. As much as he want to join back corporate work just for the sake of money, he thought by doing so, he would not have full attention to brush up on his acting skills, therefore, he chose to take on temporary jobs when he did not have any acting gigs.

So now, in his late thirties, Tim was stuck with irregular acting gigs and several odd jobs just to get by life, he did not have a romantic partner, did not have a solid financial capability, living in his parents house who refuses to talk to him anymore.

Summary of Character 3

The story of Tim was rather sad because you see a fellow human being working his ass off, fighting off all sorts of resistance just to achieve his dream but could not see success after many years. His only friends left him, his parents don't want to talk to him, he did not have much savings, no wife and no children, even his siblings had move out of the house as they all had their own family.

My Conclusion

Yes, it is true to a certain extent that hard work, courageous and luck comes along to aid in success but it is also true that some, no matter how hard they work, how brave they are when facing difficulties, luck never comes and they suffer without taste of success. Some may not even see success when nearing the end of their time, some may rocket to success at a very young age. Sometimes, saying 'no' may affect your life in a huge way but reap great results at the end like Sarah's story but sometimes that 'no' may cause you to lose more than you gain like Tim, rejecting his proper job and his friends' advice.

We do need to persevere for our dreams' sake and my personal advice is that one can persevere but never to be stubborn. We had to accept the reality that we may not achieve exactly what we envisioned, and when that happens, you may try other ways to achieve your goals or change your definition of success.

Before luck comes and works its magic, broaden your horizons first so you will know more about what you do best and what you don't. Secondly, don't be afraid to take leaps of faith despite knowing there's chance of failure because that spark will never reignite the same way it did before. Thirdly, polish your skills till near perfection which means putting in tremendous amount of hardwork in what you like to do. Finally, mind your words and make logical decisions so that when luck comes, success is already shaking hands with you.

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