Quote of the day (5 Jan 2022) - Failure

Even a turtle, who has a shell to hide whenever they want, also do venture out far and anywhere in the waters from the time they leave their place of birth. Taking no risk is the biggest risk in life, it's akin to escaping reality because the reality is you will experience failures and successes.

If you live so cautiously, you will be the kind of turtle who hides in its shell all the time, hoping food will come and don't need to see those monstrous sharks looking at you for dinner but you will not be able to see where the waters are taking you and maybe somehow a whale swallow you and bid farewell, and you couldn't see what kind of food you are going to eat, maybe there is poison or not even edible. In reality, you will be allowing fate to decide your path and you wait for opportunities come to you all the time instead taking risk to go for the opportunities you want in your life. Sure, i will agree sometimes you need to be more cautious in certain things like protecting your personal finance and health but all in all in life, living too cautious is a sure way to fail in life by default.

Let's say you have a sporting dream like become a soccer star or a tennis star, like any other sports, it requires many hours of dedication, hardwork, trial & error and practice, you will also encounter injuries, various setbacks and defeats. To be good in the sports you like, you'll need to continously do better in what you are good at, go through defeats and setbacks in order to arm yourself with new skills in your arsenal, go through injuries to better learn how to take good care of your body while performing at your highest level. So how did David Beckham achieved his legendary accurate curling free kicks or how did Serena Williams achieved huge success in tennis? Both have practiced very hard and very long on their techniques and skills, it was during their practice, they keep on going despite numerous failed attempts, it was also during actual matches, they keep on learning after they had failed to execute perfectly at some times, they had fans booed at them but eventually all these gave them more strength to press on to finally becoming one of the legends in their respective sporting arena.

When you are an investor, you are looking to invest to earn so that you can have stronger financial capability or you want an earlier retirement but if you can't stand to see a single drop of price of the stocks or hoping market never crashed, then investing is not for you. Sometimes you made good buys and bad calls but these were all part and parcel of investments but the key word here is calculated risk so there is still risk and sometimes mistakes happened or unfortunate external factors happened which could dampen your investment plans. Several famous and influential investors had gone through several market crashes and financial crisis due to bad economy, natural disasters, pandemic, wars or civil unrests but they still come out good eventually. To them, every twist and turns, every bad or good buys, good holds or bad selling allows them to learn quicker and think on the feet better, and also allows them to train on emotional control to reduce reckless impulses, all in all to become a more successful investor.

How about relationships and friendships? Your first group of friends may not end up well, breaking off eventually to find new friends who sync with you better. Maybe your twenty years of friendship with your childhood friends came to an end due to everyone having different views on life and decided to move on. Your first romance experience may not end up well, broke off but eventually you will know roughly what type of person you are looking for and how were you going to change yourself for the better in order to make the next romance experience better. Maybe you were the lucky one, hitting jackpot on first try but relations with various people in life are volatile, you can't say for sure and also relationship failures happened too so living too cautiously, afraid of failed relationships may get you stuck with bad friends or horrible marriage.

Science can't explain why people will encounter failures, neither do maths can truly calculate how many times you will fail in your life. Nobody can avoid failures totally, the probability is akin to the universe has never existed before. Let loose yourself a bit if you find yourself too stress out making the perfect choices for everything in your life, sometimes just do it when you want to do it, sometimes think twice before taking calculated risk or not, just make sure don't be too reckless or too stubborn, be flexible and adapt to situation needs. Finally, be your true self, listen to your inner needs, and you will find your true happiness in your life.

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