Quote of the day (4 Aug 2021) - Art

Going back in time to change things in your life or others life is almost impposible with today's technology unless we are in Marvel Universe, then that is very possible.

Want to make my life better and to make sure i make the perfect choices so that i can have the desire outcome of my life? I can use Doctor Strange's Timestone to look through 14,000,605 times into the future to find every possible outcome of my life decisions and compile a list of must-do things in order to achieve the perfect life i dream of. Make a mistake in the past and want to make amends? I can use Tony Stark's quantum-inspired time travelling device to go back to my past and rectify all my mistakes.

Luckily, we do not have any cosmic artifacts or crazy technologies or else the world we know will be in chaos. The thing about life is that it is beautiful because it is imperfect. We made a mistake, we move on, we succeed, we move on, time always goes forward and there is no way you can alter any reality or the past. Everything we say, we do, we go, until our very end of time will always be part of us, be it pleasant or unpleasant memories.

Just like what John W. Gardner mention that life is the art of drawing without an eraser, assuming that there is only one piece of paper with no eraser, once you put your pen down on paper, the ink will be there and you will be left with three choices:

  • Continue drawing and try your best to draw a good one
  • Stop drawing as you are afraid of mistakes
  • Keep striking off the mistakes you have drawn and making your drawing less pleasant to see as the paper is full of strike-offs

Even for me, sometimes i struggle between the three options i have mentioned above and end up messing up my life even worse as i fail to learn from my mistakes and i fail to see that achieving perfection will only hurt myself more.

Our unique character, our unique words, actions and flaws paint a very unique art of our own life, and no one can have the exact same artpiece as you so there is no need of an eraser or timestone or time travel machine to change anything, just be yourself and move on to enjoy life as much as possible.

And a final word of advice before i end this post, remember to learn to let go.

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