Hojicha Petit Gâteau

The cafe is called Hvala, situated in 111 Somerset which is very near to Somerset MRT station and the skate park. Current Covid situation had the cafe imposing time restriction for patreons but don't be upset, their 1hr restriction is more than enough for you to chill, relax and enjoy their specialties. The staff there are very friendly, will guide you through if you have queries and the atmosphere of the cafe is calming too.

For ordering, they have a few kiosk just outside the store to place your orders, so there is no counters to take your orders except for staff serving your foods and beverages. Come to think of it, the pace of technology replacing previously human work is so fast....maybe one day i just have to think and maybe a sensory kind of interface can capture my thoughts to finish whatever contents for my website😂

For the desserts i had ordered, these are the prices:
●Hojicha Petit Gâteau ($8.80)
●Iced Yuki Matcha ($6.80)

The crust is crispy when you bit it, very easy to slice and surprisingly, it still holds its shape while the slice piece still lying on the fork, awaiting custom clearance into your hungry stomach😂 Once in, the fragrant nuts and the hojicha blend into a very powerful sweet and fulfilling taste which makes you crave more🤤 I read the menu, it says it is made of hojicha mousse, sponge and hojicha crumble, the crust unique coloring is probably due to the precise roasting of the older and coarser green tea leaves till it got its charcoal black instead of green.

For the Iced Yuki Matcha, there is a selection of either hot or cold, with a difference of $1 at which the hot version is the cheaper option. I chose to go chill for my entire dessert set so cold mousse cake and a cold drink. The matcha/hojicha/latte that are available, have the option to request for oatmilk instead at additional cost of $1 if you looking for vegan option, and it is slightly sweetened by default but you can adjust the sugar level option at the ordering kiosk.

I really like that hojicha mousse i had ordered especially, such a cool black color with simplistic design for a an Instagram-worthy post and a taste you can't really forget after trying. Dessert hunters, matcha or hojicha seekers, this is one place you got to bookmarked for you next trip or even can be your frequent dessert spot!


111 Somerset Rd, #01-10, Singapore 238164

Operation Times

  • Monday: 12noon - 9.30pm
  • Tuesday: 12noon - 9.30pm
  • Wednesday: 12noon - 9.30pm
  • Thursday: 12noon - 9.30pm
  • Friday: 12noon - 9.30pm
  • Saturday: 12noon - 9.30pm
  • Sunday: 12noon - 9.30pm
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