Linguine Truffle Cream With Norwegian Salmon

You don't have to pack your cutleries and fly your way to Norway just to eat Norwegian Salmon, it's here in SG at Paya Lebar. This is one of my burpple searches for budget, high reviews, relatively new and original pasta outlets.

At first, i was a little overwhelmed by the menu because it lets you customize your pasta on top of other fixed sets. Luckily, i done my research and came in at non-peak period and the staff politely guide me through the customization.

There are several base you can choose and this is how you build your own bowl:

1) Choose your base
👉In this case, i chose linguine truffle cream ($6.50)

2) Choose your protein
👉I chose Norwegian Salmon ($4.50)

3) Add your supplements (optional)
👉I didn't add but i will list down the supplements for your reference.

  • Sunny Side Up Egg ($1.00)
  • Capsicum ($1.00)
  • Green Zuchinni ($1.00)
  • Asparagus ($1.00)
  • Cherry Tomatoes ($1.00)
  • Mozzarella ($1.00)
  • Onsen Egg ($1.00)
  • French Bean ($1.00)
  • Gourmet Chicken Sausage ($2.00)
  • Squid & Clams ($2.00)
  • Arugula Salad (on the side at $2.00)

If you choose to upsize, it will be additional $2.50. For the price i think it is slightly cheaper than pastamania but i want to try this outlet due to its new and original concept.

I wasn't a fan of cream base pasta until i tried this! Truffle + cream = made in Heaven🤤😇 It is not exactly creamy to the point that sticks to the pasta, the texture is much thinner but taste fantastic!

The Norwegian Salmon is another highlight, as i really like fish skins and what i going to do next may sound like i am a weirdo or some serial killer, i will peel the skin off first and taste it. I am not sure how they cook it but the cream and truffle taste seeps into the skin as well as the meat like it was being seasoned first before cooking it and the salmon was very fresh like just caught from the ocean but don't worry about any strong fishy taste as the chef cook it to precise state whereby you can taste the 'salmon' taste and spice it with various herbs along with the cream and truffle. It was also soft when chewed, and firm enough so it won't break away easily when scoop👍👍👍

The portion is a bit small and will feel even smaller if you tend to consume more in a single meal. As this was an early dinner for me, i regretted not upsizing and adding at least one supplement as i am still a growing 'boy' haha. 

Overall, cream base fans will surely like it, those who don't like cream base pasta, this will convert you😉
The end result is that i finish the whole bowl😁


KINEX, 11 Tanjong Katong Rd, #B1-K4, 437157

Operation Times

  • Monday: 11am–9pm
  • Tuesday: 11am–9pm
  • Wednesday: 11am–9pm
  • Thursday: 11am–9pm
  • Friday: 11am–9pm
  • Saturday: 11am–9pm
  • Sunday: 11am–9pm
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