Supreme Pork Chop Rice (一品排骨饭)

Located around Central Business District (CDB) area, will be easier to reach if you walk from Bugis MRT. The building in which the store situated is call "Bulkhaul" and it is directly opposite of the vintage Shaw Tower.

Their signature dish Pork Chop Rice cost at $4.50 and it consists of:

  • Plain white rice with braised gravy
  • Signature fried pork chop
  • Pickled mustard green
  • Mixed vegetables (carrot cubes, corn & green peas)
  • Lettuce soup
  • Fried egg at an additional cost of $0.50
  • Chilli sauce

First thing i tried was the fried pork chop and immediately, i was amazed by the crispiness of the skin, the tender meat within and most importantly, the proportion of the fried section and the meat section is just nice! Even though it is not oily, the pork chop is not at all dry, dip into the chilli and it packs even more extra taste.

Special mentioning their pickled mustard green and fried egg, the pickled mustard was more on the sweet side rather than salty and it was really crunchy, and the fried egg was in excellent shape as well. At the end of the meal, the lettuce soup serve as cooling agent after consuming slightly heaty food.

During peak hours, expect queues up to outside building, estimate waiting time at peak was around 30 minutes, assuming you are queuing outside the building. But for me, i am doing solo food hunting so i did my research and came in at non-peak hours to try out and it was really worth it, with air-conditioned environment and spacious environment, i am able to eat and enjoy some peace.


67 Beach Rd, Basement 189688

Operation Times

  • Monday: 8am–8:15pm
  • Tuesday: 8am–8:15pm
  • Wednesday: 8am–8:15pm
  • Thursday: 8am–8:15pm
  • Friday: 8am–8:15pm
  • Saturday: 8am–8:15pm
  • Sunday: Closed


My final verdict for this pork chop will be 9.5/10. Definitely deserves a high rating due to their quality food, excellent customer service and affordable price. A definitely must-try!


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