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YP Song Cover - 让我欢喜让我忧

January 16, 2022
周华健 (Wakin Chau) - 让我欢喜让我忧 is one of his best songs in the 90s or if not, one of the best from all his albums. This song talks about a guy who is madly in love with a girl but she propose to end ...
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YP Song Cover - 特别的爱给特别的你

January 02, 2022
Release in July 1990, this mando pop classic stood the test of time and was still a very popular classic song to cover till today. There are generally 2 main genres singers will choose when cover...
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YP Song Cover - Heaven

December 26, 2021
Recorded at the Power Station in New York City on June 6 & 7, 1983 and also first appeared on the soundtrack to the 1983 film, A Night in Heaven. If i were to choose my favourite romance song...
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YP Song Cover - When You Say Nothing At All

December 05, 2021
This is a very good song to learn for those who are just starting out in guitar as the most popular way to play this song also happens to be one of the most easy full downstroke strumming pattern...
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YP Song Cover - 一场游戏一场梦

November 28, 2021
王杰, also known as Dave Wang, recorded and released this song during end of 1987. The english name of this song is "A Game A Dream", it was based on the true story of the singer itself. He was fin...
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YP Song Cover - The Day You Went Away

November 22, 2021
It's a pity that this song was released the following year after M2M's split in 2002. Considered to be the best song from the Norwegian Pop duo, this is a very sad song used to describe a painful...
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YP Song Cover - 告白气球

November 14, 2021
This Pop and R&B inspired song from Jay Chou was a very catchy song when it first came out in June 2016. Initially, i wasn't a fan of any Jay Chou's songs but his songs was really popular amo...
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YP Song Cover - Yesterday Once More

November 06, 2021
The Carpenters' best selling single, "Yesterday Once More", was released during mid-year of 1973 and it was stated by Richard Carpenter that this was his favourite out of all the songs he had wri...
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YP Song Cover - 夜空中最亮的心

October 27, 2021
This song is created by a chinese music band called 逃跑计划, released in their 2011 album 世界. If you ever miss someone who was once dear to you, i recommend you to sing this song till you shed tears...
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