YP Song Cover - 一场游戏一场梦

王杰, also known as Dave Wang, recorded and released this song during end of 1987. The english name of this song is "A Game A Dream", it was based on the true story of the singer itself. He was financially very poor when he was young but a girl whom he had dated didn't mind and despite both families' disapproval, they got married discreetly. When he got enlisted in National Service, he entrusted his wife to his mother to take care. One day, when he came back from National Service break, he found out his wife had left him with a child behind, later realizing his mother had forcibly chase her away.

And because it was based on true story, the lyrics felt so real to many people, plus how the singer present the song in a heartbreaking style, this song rose to popularity fast and won the Golden Horse Award in 1988.

I tried my best to recreate the tab in a simplified way so that the guitar solos can easy to follow. Me myself is still beginner so i made it super easy for myself to read and understand as i don't read music scores, it's too complicated. So here is my acoustic cover of 《王杰 - 一场游戏一场梦》.

Chords Sheet

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