YP Song Cover - 人质

Released in 2006, this is one the best hit song from one of the greatest singer to have ever emerged from the early 2000s. Translating the song name into english is called "Hostage", and from the sound of the tune, you can guess it is a very sad love song.

This song tells us that when a couple love each other, they had already handed their hearts to each other, either one can decide what to do with their partner's heart, love it or break it. As time passes, the romance will go from pure and romantic to fear and suspicion. The deeper you love someone, the deeper the pain from the hurt inflicted on you if that someone has betrayed you.

My choice of playing style will be an intro guitar solo, plucking for first half of the song, mid-instrumental solo, pluck for second half of the song then begin to intensify with strumming when going into final chorus and finally soothe down with another guitar solo for outro.

So you have 3 solos to learn, you will definitely need more time to practice all the coordinations and luckily, i had prepared the chords and solo tabs below. I'm using the chords and notes from key of C so it's a little different from the original version as it was sung by a very famous female singer.

Hope you all enjoy this cover and have a great day!

Chords Sheet

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