YP Song Cover - 你的答案

I waited this kind of chinese song for so long after similar ones last came out in the 1990s. This is a song about hope and what makes this song even unique is it's rock and the blend of soft and heavy elements in it, and also the singer has a rock and raspy voice which brings more power and emotions to the song.

For non-mandarin speaking audiences, i will try to break down and summarize the meaning of the song by verse and chorus from my point of understanding. I know this song talks about finding hope in life but i think i couldn't quite convey the original message of the song from the original singer well so please pardon me or correct me for those who can translate or convey the message of the song more accurately.

Verse 1 tells that the writer is part of the world that is cold and dark, shedding tears alone but not willing to give up. Pre-chorus 1 then tells about the writer that even if he is feeling down, he still hopes to see the daylight and accept whatever is coming to his life. He will then follow the wind and wherever the rainbow is, and bravely move forward in life. Chorus 1 mentions the light from the sunrise will cover the darkness and also help him overcome his darkest fears and finding answers in life. Even with just a small ray of light to fend off darkness, he is willing to let go whatever that are weighing him down and will not be afraid of loneliness.

The second half of the song which is verse 2 all the way to chorus 2 is a repetition of the first half and going down to final chorus, it is relatively the same chorus as before except for the final two lines. In the final lines of the final chorus, the writer mentions he will summon a million kinds of strength to overcome loneliness and eventually become a free man amd stand for who he is even if he is alone and not afraid of being unique and different.

I believe almost everyone has a song that helps them tide through difficult times in life, i hope introducing this song may help people seek alternate platform to offload their emotional knots or healthy venting out of emotions and find positivity in life.

Don't give up and hope yall enjoy this cover!

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