YP Song Cover - 爱很简单

1997 is the year where one of the pioneers in Chinese R&B, 陶喆 (David Tao), released his album "David Tao 同名专辑" and one of the most romantic chinese song i have ever heard, which is in this album, is called "爱很简单".

The song explains how love is so simple, there is no need for anything else but the fact that being able to love someone is already a bless. I like this song and even consider playing this song during my own wedding (I don't have girlfriend yet, just imagine only) or other people's weddings because the moment you sing "I Love You" at every start of chorus, it evokes a lot of emotions and feelings, furthermore, it is in high C# note, singing so high brings in more emotions.

Singing at his original key of C# is really tough for guys because you will need to transit from low chest at the verses, middle chest in the pre-chorus then jump straight to your head/mixed head voice at the start of chorus and you will sustain your higher chest mixed voice until the chorus ends.

Watch out for the final chorus of the song, especially after pouring out too much emotions in front, you may break voice in an attempt to give this song a grand ending. For me, i use head mixed at the end which is safe option for me but if you are daring enough or properly skilled in mixed voice, the last "I Love You" you can attempt a strong mixed voice to it and be assured that everyone's heart will melt upon hearing that.

The chords i had edited and put it up at the bottom of this post, so for the guitar part, it will be a simple full chord pluck all the way if you want to or if you want to add dynamics like what i did in the video, you can do this:

  • Every bar will have 4 counts of pluck so the first pluck, do it full and the following 3 counts of pluck, you can remove the base note (which is the thicker string).
  • During each verse you can see from the chords sheet, "Am   G" transition is actually one bar which means 2 counts of Am then 2 counts of G. Remember to emphasize the base note of every first count.
  • Also at the end of each verse line, "F   G" & "F   E" transition is a single bar but it will be F, F, F, F-G & F, F, F, F-E. The last count is a fast chord change between F and G or E so do take note.
  • Chorus part i actually strum according to feel, it is mostly downstrokes and few upstrokes. You can improvise your strum for these, however, personally i feel that the less you do while you are strumming and singing the chorus, the better the song sounds as the this is the song where the vocal carries the whole song.

I also did a cover using just the keyboard, as i started learning basic keyboard chord plays on top of learning guitar as my main focus, i played the entire song with basic full chord plays and some broken chords. Below is my rendition of singing this song with just keyboard.

Enjoy and have fun!

Chords Sheet

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