YP Song Cover - 特别的爱给特别的你

Release in July 1990, this mando pop classic stood the test of time and was still a very popular classic song to cover till today. There are generally 2 main genres singers will choose when covering this song, it is either pop or heavy rock, and my personal favourite is the heavy rock version, it was so cool with the guitar solos and the energy it brings, really brings out what the lyrics wants to express.

The chords and tabs for the mini guitar solo from the intro and mid-instrumental will be quite different from the vast majority found online because i had transposed down to suit my raspy voice. I played with high intensity with heavier rock elements and that will be a challenge when you are attempting to strum and performing guitar "mini solos" as you have to quickly press the individual notes in between strums but it's not a lot of notes, just a matter of more practice till it sounds more natural and smoother transition.

Chords Sheet

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