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"If i lay here, if i just lay here", still remember the song whereby the guy literally lie on the floor and start singing in the music video? Released in 2006 by Scottish-Northern Irish Alternate Rock band Snow Patrol, the song 'Chasing Cars' rose to popularity after being featured in second season of medical drama series "Grey's Anatomy".

For me, i came to know this song during my primary school graduation day event, same year as this song's release in 2006, our teachers showed us powerpoint slides of our times together and Chasing Cars was played in the background, along with the classic graduation song "Friends Forever (Graduation)" by Vitamin C. The moment i hear the intro tune coming out, i knew i'm about to shed tears while watching our class bonding moments. The smooth and slow kind of build up to higher intensity of rock tunes was the reason why i liked this song and i can clearly remember my whole class was singing at the final chorus together, coupled with other final bonding moments, that whole day is just so awesome!

Sadly, i didn't learn any singing or any musical instruments at that time as my interest in music wasn't cultivated then but i still download it as mp3 into my songlist when i gotten my first 3G mobile phone which was Nokia brand. Fast forward to today, this song is still in my mp3 songlist even after i had changed several phones in the process, this song is the perfect go-to for a calmer release of emotional knots.

I was singing in key of A#, which was one key above the original and when you search online for chords sheets, you'll find two versions, one will be chords based on key of G and the other were chords based on key of A. If you are using chords based on key of A, you can follow exactly how i played (with/without capo), from the note plucking for the intro and all the verses to chords used when strumming for all the chorus part.

Using chords from key of A as reference, the entire song is based on three chords and they repeat throughout the song:

  • A, E, D

Even the notes plucking for the intro and verses are also based on those three chords above, and the plucking pattern also repeated itself throughout the song. The notes we will only be using are:

  • A, D, E, G#

The theory behind using those notes is actually based on the three main chords (A, E, D) mentioned above.

  • The chord A is made of E, A, C#
  • The chord E is made of G#, B, E
  • The chord D is made of A, D, F#

After several hours of testing between those nine notes and watching other youtube tutorials, i finally came up with my own method of executing those notes plucking. The reason why i came up with my own method was that most youtube tutorials or chords i found, they engage in higher frets between sixth to nineth fret. For my own way only requires users to use only the first three frets of your guitar and that's the only difference but this was just personal preferences because the strings in higher frets are harder to press for me.

Chords Sheet

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