YP Song Cover - How Do I Live (Alternate Version)

I was looking through some classic songs which have a series of slow build-up to big powerful emotional releases within the song as i really love this type of songs. So after looking through several songs, i decided to start on "How Do I Live" by Leann Rimes as i felt it might be a little easier for me to begin with as the chords and are simpler and most importantly, i got the feel for this song at that moment. However, this song has its fair share of challenges but i would like to take on those challenges and improve on my current level of musician skills.

This song was also unique that two of the greatest singers of all time sang this song, one by Trisha Yearwood and the other by Leann Rimes. Both versions were incredible and had their own unique style but i leaned more to Leann's version with no apparent reasons that i could put words into, it's music, i just feel it more towards her version. After listening to her album's rendition, i was really curious about live versions, whether she still performed this song in recent years, before pandemic of course. It was a youtube video showing her live performance in Los Angeles on 2017 which inspired me to cover alternate version of this song.

During that performance, she sang this song in another arrangement or style, although it was one key lower than her original version, it was more emotional and sad like someone with a lot of experiences was pouring her heart out. A simple keyboard accompaniment was played throughout but the message of the song was even more clear and powerful than her album version. It was because of the clean but powerful performance prompted me to cover this alternate version first, i will work on the original version some time later but for now, i really enjoyed this new rendition.

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