YP Song Cover - 静止 (大张伟 & 杨乃文 version)

This song originally composed and performed by 花儿乐队 in the year 1999. The band's future took a turn on 2008 when their one of their members left and eventually break off in 2009.

It was also covered by taiwanese singer 杨乃文 on her 1999's album as well, though these two versions has different styles but back in those days when i listen to this song in radio, my mood instantly turns brighter.

Never did i know, after 16 years since the debut of the two versions of 静止, the former lead vocal of 花儿乐队, 大张伟, and 杨乃文 work together on the same stage and perform 静止 together on a show called 蒙面唱将猜猜猜.

From that variety show, the song has a major makeover as there are techno, pop elements inside. The song starts with 大张伟 and it progress from key of F# to E when it was 杨乃文's turn then back to F# when they duet together for the finale.

I feel the version of 静止 from 蒙面唱将猜猜猜 is more modern and kind of brings more power in the meaning of the song, so i decided to cover it. While i can't emulate the techno part of the arrangement, i decided to do normal strumming, and i didn't do any key change for the cover so it will be the same key throughout. I transposed up to key of A# where i used chords from key of G and then capo 3. Hope you will enjoy this cover of mine, bringing you back to early 2000s music.

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