YP Song Cover - Mojito

Chill and upbeat song released on June 2020 by Jay Chou, and most of the music video was captured on Havana, Cuba which explains why they are included in the lyrics. Luckily, the filming was pretty much wrapped up before the pandemic hits. I love how Jay Chou and his friends document their trip to Cuba, showcasing the slower pace of life, the beautiful architectures and they even engaged a Cuban band to perform with them.

Motivated to learn a few latest trending mando songs, i decided to add this song to my playlist as my current songlist has too much classic or songs that came out eons ago, so it's always good to learn a few new songs once in a while so i can expand my skills set, songlist and audience reach.

The intro is different from original but sound the same with a more simplified version. The original tab has quite a number of advanced finger plucking and difficult positions to press and switch notes, therefore, i decided to spent a few days testing and improvising what can be done to reduce difficulty.

Normally i try to lean towards soft rock or songs that slowly builds up with strong tone because that's where i can make use of my raspy voice but since last year, i realized that i had boxed up myself in terms of song styles so i decided to learn popular artist songs, latest trending songs and some other old/new songs that i had never attempted before. I like this song the moment it came out as it is upbeat, chilled and invoked positive energy. Then i tried to sing but my head voice was weak so i decided not to cover this song right away and instead, i took more than six months practicing my head voice techniques, chest-head switching coordination and songs that utilised the former two elements.

I also realized that my guitar techniques was too amateur for this more advanced song as my note playing and several difficult barre chords needs more practice so i put in additional time whenever i could after my vocal practice to brush up my barre chords, note playing, chords switching techniques and recap all the basic chords play.

So after a few good months, here i am, attempting this Mojito cover and also congratuating myself for this new breakthrough as a beginner vocal-guitarist.

Chords Sheet

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