YP Song Cover - 情非得已

Classic and catchy romance song that never gets old. This song is released in 2001 by Harlem Yu (庾澄庆) from his album titled "Tidal Wave" and it also featured as the theme song for a popular TV series called "流星花园 (Meteor Garden)".

This song was used in my band practice for busking audition and i'm very thankful for one of my bandmates re-arranging the song. The song is in its original key of C which is the key i'm using for this cover but after the bridge, there will be no upkey as i sounded like some chicken screaming😅 I could have down 1 key but the verse i will sound too low too deep to express the song's intended intentions so my bandmate suggested a few ideas for the arrangement so that the song still flows without an upkey.

Here is our edited chords sheet

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