YP Song Cover - Untitled

I literally shed tears when i tried singing this song during my secondary school days because at that period of time, i really messed up and made a lot mistakes. I was addicted to online gaming, addicted to pornography, mixed with wrong group of people, hurt people emotionally, ended up with no friends upon graduation. That was the reason why i shed tears when i began to sing the chorus "how could this happen to me, i made my mistakes.." because i made a lot of mistakes and screw up my entire youth myself.

However, when i tried research the actual meaning behind the song, it was revealed to be related to drink driving causing irreversible consequences, which explains why the music video was about car crash and showing the lives of the victim's family members after the crash.

Although the original meaning behind this song's creation and my initial understanding of this song is vastly different but i think the lyrics really evoke quite a bit of emotions whenever you are feeling down or at a loss and finding directions in life. Really thank goodness for this song's arrival in my life to allow me to vent out those emotional stress within and this was one of the few songs i had heard which gave me strength to overcome the difficult times of my life. And i sincerely hope that anyone who is going through difficult times, do hear this song out and let the song untie the knots within you.

The notes for the intro, instrumental before verse 2 and guitar solo after chorus 2 were based on chords in the key of D. The entire song was made of D, Bm, G and A chords so i broke them up into individual notes which each chord consist, then piece them together via trial and error. Why i took time to build the solos from scratch instead of finding a complete chord sheet/tab online? It was partly due to me transpose 2 keys down which means the notes for the solos needs to amend and i couldn't find the complete tab for the key i am playing in.

Whenever you transpose a song with solos and intros, be wary that you may need to use a brand new set of chords different from online sources and will need to construct new notes into those instrumentals but all these efforts are worth as you build knowledge in your music theory and practical as well.

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