YP Music Corner

YP Song Cover - Mojito

July 28, 2021
Chill and upbeat song released on June 2020 by Jay Chou, and most of the music video was captured on Havana, Cuba which explains why they are included in the lyrics.
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YP Song Cover - Chasing Cars

July 10, 2021
I am singing in key of A# and if you are using chords based on key of A like what i did, you can follow exactly how i played (with/without capo), from the note plucking for the intro and all the ve...
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YP Song Cover - 爱很简单

June 27, 2021
1997 is the year where one of the pioneers in Chinese R&B, 陶喆 (David Tao), released his album "David Tao 同名专辑" and one of the most romantic chinese song i have ever heard, which is in this albu...
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YP Song Cover - 情非得已

June 03, 2021
This song was used in my band practice for busking audition and i'm very thankful for one of my bandmates re-arranging the song. The song is in its original key of C which is the key i'm using for ...
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